Choreography by:
Kelvin Chow
Chan Jia Jun

Directed and edited by:
Leonard Lau

Produced by
Trev Tham


20 February, 2014 Dance


16 February, 2014 Water

Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore is the largest Chinese cemetery outside China. It has a long history with graves dating from 1831. Bukit Brown has been included in the World Monuments Watch list for 2014.

This is the first part of a series of (primarily aerial) videos to draw attention to the beauty of Bukit Brown and the rich heritage we have, and unfortunately, may very soon lose.

Works have begun on an expressway through the cemetery and housing developments are slated to begin in due time.


10 February, 2014 Uniquely

Take a closer look at the hidden gems of Singapore, our local makers who are perfecting their crafts on our sunny island. Stay tuned at for more features, documenting the stories behind our makers and their crafts.



1 February, 2014 Art, Uniquely

Neesa, a very talented local wake boarder joins the Reverie wake team.


26 January, 2014 Water

A lot of things is always happening in Singapore and here are some of the reasons why Sam Driscoll love Singapore. Enjoy.


17 January, 2014 Uniquely

The Ink & Clog presents DSTRY OSAKA featuring SHORINO and KARASU from Singapore and AKME, GOS and FISH from Osaka, Japan.


11 January, 2014 Art

Filmed over at the East Coast Park on a slightly hazy day. This beach area is really a great place to unwind. Listening to the waves just simply calms Roger down.


5 January, 2014 Uniquely

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, founded by the Sydney Cafe Racers, is an event that takes place in 38 countries around the world. There are over 145 rides and over 7000 participants. The event is about dapper and classic styled motorcycles and scooters. It is an event for Cafe Racers, Custom Bobbers, Classics, Modern Classics and Classic Scooters.

The Singapore Edition of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2013 is organised by Custom Burner and Motorwerks. Visit the website of the official Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at


29 December, 2013 Bike

A Christmas song for our fellow Singaporeans. Our Christmas may not be conventional, but we love it just the way it is.

Music: Sara Wee, Bani Hidir.
Lyrics: Sara Wee, Julia Wei.
“Jingle Bells” (excerpt) by James Lord Pierpont.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bani Hidir.
Video by Sara Wee.


22 December, 2013 Music, Uniquely