“FLOW” is a short freestyle slalom skating video starring the current world number 2 Klaudia
Hartmanis showing her amazing flow on skates. Enjoy her unique skills and the stunning views of Singapore recorded by Michał Sulinowski.


23 January, 2015 Skate

Pulau Hantu is a small island located to the south of main island of Singapore. Hantu means, “Ghost”. Despite its proximity to refineries and heavy cargo boat traffic, there is still life in the reef.


17 January, 2015 Water

Vitaly Subbotin from Russia visited Singapore for 48 hours and captured some of the things that makes Singapore beautiful.


11 January, 2015 Uniquely

Happy 2015 to all in Singapore.


3 January, 2015 Uniquely

An excellent Singaporean Team performs this popular song/dance from Love Live!


28 December, 2014 Dance

A journey through the jungles of Pulau Ubin, Singapore by Nicholas and Anthony Marino.


21 December, 2014 Uniquely

Singapore’s car culture has always been growing, even though we have rather stringent laws on modifications on top of the high cost of car ownership here. Here are a few stories amongst many enthusiasts of the car tuning scene that is thriving here in the heartland by Kelvin Pek.


13 December, 2014 Motor

The first of its kind in Asia, ILLUMI RUN is the ultimate party run. Light up the night as you get splashed with ILLUMI glow water and experience electrifying energy of our music in the ILLUMI glow zones! The fun continues after the run, with an ultimate party filled with music, glow lightings and DJs that will rev up your night! For runners, dancers and party-lovers, it is a chance to be part of the wildest party run!


5 December, 2014 Run, Uniquely

SLR 2014. Lindy Hop. Teachers’ Introduction. Fredrik Dahlberg & Mimmi Gunnarsson. JB Mino & Tatiana Udry. Max Pitruzzella & Pamela Gaizutyte.

Singapore Lindy Revolution 2014 (14 – 16 Nov 2014) organised by a group of passionate Lindy Hoppers who had traveled much around the globe to dance and learn. They had benefited much from the workshops taught by world class teachers and brought that experience to fellow dancers at home and in the region.

Website: http://www.lindyrevolution.sg
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/247590248778924/


22 November, 2014 Dance

Ronnie Chen and his crew dances to Justin Timberlake’s Cabaret at Singapore’s Marina Bay. Too sleek.


7 November, 2014 Dance

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