Goh Hak Liang’s special tribute to a place he’s proud to call Home.

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

Photography and editing by:
Goh Hak Liang (Hak Photography)

Music arranged by:
Alwyn Leow (Jamthatsong)


9 August, 2015 Uniquely

AikBengChia showcases Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop with cinemagraphs.


18 April, 2015 Uniquely

A promotional music video about the final minutes before an athlete walks out to his/her starting line. The years of gut wrenching hard work and sacrifice all lead up to this one ‘make or break’ moment.

Featuring ‘Unbreakable’ from the Songs Of The Games album. Music Director: Sydney Tan Performed by: Tabitha Nauser.


10 April, 2015 Uniquely

Dedicated to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, his family and the people of Singapore.

teddjong wanted to cherish and preserve this precious moment in Singapore’s history; when the nation came together to mourn the loss of a great statesman.


5 April, 2015 Uniquely

With a heavy heart, we mourn for the lost of our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Rani Singam and Jeremy Monteiro presenting a musical tribute at the Lying in State of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at Parliament House. The piece they performed was “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”, a national song composed by Jeremy Monteiro in 1990.

(PMO Video by Chiez How, Nurwafah & Kit Mei)


28 March, 2015 Uniquely

Cardistry and Card flourish move list:
0:12 Yo! variation by Daren Yeow (credit to Lee Asher)
0:29 Sybil by Chris Kenner
0:30 Very Bad Habit by Brian Tudor
0:31 V Flip by Huron Low
0:33 Flurf by Kevin Ho
0:34 Raccoon by Kevin Ho
0:35 Indice Fans (classic)
0:37 Ribbon Spread (classic)
0:39 Skater Cut by Joey Burton
0:40 Firefly by Huron Low
0:43 Friffle by Oliver Søgård
0:46 Perfect Faro + Cascade (classic)
0:49 Slyce by Sylvester Singh
0:50 Vertigo by Dan Buck
0:52 Flicker by Huron Low
0:53 Rev 2 Twirl by Daren Yeow
0:55 Flicker Shot (behind the back) by Huron Low
0:59 Long Distance Spinner by Audley Walsh
1:03 Riffle Fan by Dimitri Arleri
1:05 Off the Hook by Kevin Ho (credit to Chris Kenner)
1:11 Anaconda by Bone Ho
1:15 One Handed Perfect Faro by Bone Ho, Daren Yeow
1:16 Waterwheel by Huron Low, Daren Yeow, Elijah Cai
1:18 Tornado Deck Split by Bone Ho, Kevin Ho
1:20 Long Distance Spinner by Audley Walsh



21 March, 2015 Uniquely

If you’ve not been to Chinatown lately, this is how it feels like in prep of Chinese New Year.


15 February, 2015 Uniquely

The FIRST ever Cuban Salsa Street Dance Party in Singapore on Orchard Road. Featuring Cuban Artiste – Giordano Duberger!


8 February, 2015 Dance

If you missed the Singapore Motor Show 2015, this is a short clip just for you.


1 February, 2015 Motor

“FLOW” is a short freestyle slalom skating video starring the current world number 2 Klaudia
Hartmanis showing her amazing flow on skates. Enjoy her unique skills and the stunning views of Singapore recorded by Michał Sulinowski.


23 January, 2015 Skate

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